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Care & Maintenance

Care for your custom ear plugs


Please keep your plugs in the case provided. Please also keep them clean and dry at all times. Should you notice wax build-up blocking any holes, ensure this is timely removed using our brush.


Use our cleansing spray or cleansing wipes to wipe the outside of the plug. Periodically wash each plug separately (using the other as a reference point during reassembly). Remove filter/earphone from the plug (if applicable). Wash the plugs in warm soapy water only. Dry thoroughly prior to reassembly.

Filter Replacement (for music plugs):

To replace or change a filter button, gently pop out the button, one plug at a time (this keeps a reference for reassembly) and replace it.

Damaged Plugs:

Be careful when handling your plugs with sharp nails as they may slice the material causing inadvertent damage. Replace damaged or split plugs as they will not be effective.

Discomfort/Adverse Reaction:

If your plug rubs, your ear becomes sore or develops a discharge, DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY and contact your Ear Impression agent for further guidance.