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Chear is a second opinion centre for children and adults with hearing aids in the UK. We have been using London Ear Lab for our ear mould production over the past year. We send the impressions with exact information about requirements for the individual ear mould fitting.
The attention to detail that is given has been excellent. The ear moulds have been very well-fitting, with canal-depth as requested, and secure in the ear, whether for a baby with a dismorphic concha, or adult needing optimal high frequency emphasis.
All the ear moulds have been turned around within the time scale requested, sometimes for hearing aid fitting within two days, for families from abroad. It is easy to get dialogue with the relevant technician. The prices are good. We are very happy with the service we have for ear moulds from London Ear Lab. The ear moulds are on a par with our previous in-house ear-mould production. London Ear Lab is a crucial and most welcome addition to hearing services in the UK.

Dr Josephine Marriage, Director
Chear Ltd

London Ear Lab has been supplying our NHS earmoulds over the last 18 months and we could not be happier with the service we have received. All our orders come back on time and any additional requests are met very quickly and efficiently, which really helps us with meeting waiting list targets.

Dr Riaz Siddiqui, Head of Audiology
Mediscan Services Ltd

The custom ear protection products manufactured by London Ear Lab have proven to be of great resource to my patients. Whether they be suffering with recurrent ear infections, have perforated eardrums or be exposed to loud noise at work, I know I can confidently recommend the right product from London Ear Lab’s range and rest assured that their needs will properly be met by true experts in the field.

Dr Alex Fragoyannis, GP & Director
Ear Car Lab

The earmoulds produced by London Ear Lab are of high quality and impressive comfort. We enjoy fitting patients with their earmoulds because we always receive great feedback.

Dr Fitim Fetahu, Clinical Lead of Audiology
Charing Cross Hospital, Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust

We have used London Ear Lab for our NHS hearing aid earmoulds for the past year and have been very pleased with both the quality of their products and speed of service.

Shamik Rudra, Audiology Operations
InHealth Audiology Services

I have been dealing with London Ear Lab for many months now and the feedback I usually receive from my patients have all been excellent!
I am particularly impressed by their turnaround, the high quality of their products and the professional service they provide. I look forward to working with them for many “ears” to come.

Renee Rassasse, Director
Real Hearing Audiology Services

We have been using London Ear Lab to make all the custom earpieces for our broadcasting team. Prior to this the team used to wear generic earpieces in order to receive communications. The difference in quality and comfort is incomparable, and the team at London Ear Lab are always a pleasure to deal with.

Joe Aita, Communications & Marketing
AlAraby TV


I swim regularly 2-3 times a week. I was recommended to get custom made swimmers ear plugs. I have found my Splash ear plugs extremely comfortable because they are so small and light weight and the have stopped water getting in to my ears which has always been a problem for me. I would 100% recommend anyone with the same problem or for just people that swim regularly to look in to getting a pair of these plugs. I won’t get in to the water without them anymore!

Madi R

My Player 15 plugs are a lifesaver. They bring the volume of my music down to a safe level without affecting the quality of my music, so am able to play my DJ sets to the full safe in the knowledge that my ears are protected.

Kelvin W

I was looking around for sleep plugs when I came across the Zzz plugs. Not only are these plugs wonderfully comfortable, they allow me sleep like a baby despite my husband’s noisy snoring!

Rachel J

My sleep plugs are AmaZzzing ☺ Thank you

Ellie A

I’ve always had problems with water getting stuck in my ears after swimming. Since using my Splash plugs, this is no longer a worry for me. They are so good that I’ve even brought my daughter a pair.

Carmen P

Trying to hear conversation on the building site is a nightmare with all the racket going on behind. My blockerz plugs have definitely made a difference, I can now hear people talk to me while blocking out most of that loud noise when I remember to put them in. Very glad with my purchase.

Dan V

I love my beat-boy plugs. They fit so comfortably, and music comes through crystal clear. I even bought a second pair that I use for the gym.

Holly F

My shooter plugs are great. I can hear very clearly with them in when on the hunt, and no longer have to use those clumsy looking ear protectors anymore.

Andy H

I’ve had tinnitus for years and have used different music plugs when clubbing to try to protect my ears as much as possible. I can honestly say my Player plugs are the best I’ve tried yet- I can hear everything so cleanly and I know my ears are protected because my tinnitus doesn’t get any louder after a night out with them in! So glad I purchased them.

Jezza T

Being a biker, I have always known the dangers of the loud sounds exposure while being on the road. My motorcycle plugs eliminate this issue, reducing noise to an acceptable level whilst also allowing me to hear clearly. They also fit snuggly in my ears and perfectly under the helmet.

Brad S

Our Comms earpieces allow clear and comfortable hearing of instructions while presenting on TV.

David G

These Hoodie plugs are so cool. I can literally customise any earbud by simply hooding them over. Just love them.

Nikki K