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1 - I have just placed an online order for my custom ear product, why does my order confirmation state “Order status incomplete- pending ear impressions”?

We require your ear impressions in order to make your custom made product. Please click on the the Agent Directory page to see the list of agents that are able to offer this service to you.

2 - Why do I need to organise ear impressions?

In our experience, we have found it best that our customers are given the choice of where they would like to get their ear impressions taken, as opposed to us assigning a particular time, day and centre they would have to attend to get these done. We have made things as straightforward as possible by listing all the various clinics and centres ear impressions can be taken around the UK–please click on the Agent Directory page to see the list of agents that are able to offer this service to you.

3 - Where can I get my ear impressions taken?

Please click on the Agent Directory page to see the list of agents that are able to offer this service to you.

4 - Why aren’t ear impressions included in the price of my product/s?

There is considerable variation in the prices charged for ear impressions. As such, we have avoided factoring the wide range of prices for ear impressions to ensure that our products retain the best value for money. Our customers are given the flexibility of picking and choosing where they would like to go and how much they are prepared to pay for ear impressions by clicking on the ‘Ear impressions’ page to see the list of agents that are able to offer this service to you.

5 - What do I need to do once I have my ear impressions?

Please click on the Ordering Process page for further instructions

6 - How long will it take to make my custom product?

Our production time is 7 working days from the point your ear impressions are received in the lab.

7 - Do you offer an express service ?

Yes, we offer an express 48-hour production time on all our products for an additional £50 per product. If you would like to have your order expressed, please select this option at point of placing your order and/or email info@londonearlab.com to make arrangements.

8 - How long will my custom product fit?

Your custom product can last indefinitely, however it is recommended that new ear impressions be taken every 5 years as the shape of your ear canals can change over time. The need for new impressions is much shorter for children under the age of 10 as their ears are still growing, and so we would advise repeat impressions every year at least.

9 - What warranty do I get on my product?

All products come with a 30-day warranty period for problems with fit, and 12 months warranty on build defects/components. For full details click on our Returns & Warranty page

10 - If I need to order a second product will I need to have my ear impressions taken again?

We keep a copy of your ear impressions on file for 1 year, and so repeat/ new orders are possible within this time frame without the need for new ear impressions.

11 - You already have my impressions on file, does this mean I can get a discount?

Our product prices do not include the cost of ear impressions, and so there will be no saving at point of order. However, providing you place a new order within 1 year of you sending your original ear impressions to us, you will not be required to pay for ear impressions again and so will be making a saving on this.

12 - Why is there a form that the ear impression taker has to sign once my ear impressions have been taken?

This is to verify that the ear impressions have been checked properly once done, and to rule out any imperfections which may affect production of your product. This also safeguards you in the event that we have to send your ear impressions back due to them being of poor quality, and will entitle you to get them done again at no extra cost. All the ear impression agents that are listed on our website have agreed to these terms.

13 - Why have my ear impressions been sent back to me with a form stating they need to be re-done?

This only happens very rarely and is not your fault, but the fault of the impression taker. Occasionally ear impressions turn out very poorly due to the process being rushed, poor technique and/or the wrong materials being used. In these situations, because the resultant ear impression/s are not a true reflection of the shape of your ear/s, we will be unable to produce a perfectly fitting product. In this occurrence, we will have to send you back your ear impressions with a form stating what is wrong, which you would then have to take back to the impression taker to get new ones taken, at no extra cost. All the ear impression agents that are listed on our website have agreed to these terms.

14 - I’m having trouble getting my plugs to fit into my ears, what should I do?

Please refer to the Handling and Insertion page for step-by-step guidance on this. If you need more help, please contact the local ear impression agent who took your original impressions and they will be able to assist you further.

15 - Which Player/ blocker filter should I use?

Please refer to either our Player or blockerz product pages for further information on appropriate environmental use for each filter type

16 - I already have high quality earphones, how will your hoodies plugs help improve them?

Our hoodies plugs ‘hood’ around your existing earbuds to customise them for your ears. This bespoke fit results in supreme comfort and positioning along with the highest level of sound isolation, leading to an even better listening experience.

17 - How do I fit my Live plugs to my Shure drivers?

Please refer to the Handling and Insertion page for step by step guidance on how to attach your Live plugs to your Shure drivers.

18 - Can I purchase LEL products if I live outside the UK?

Yes. Send us your ear impressions in the usual way and we will make your desired product and send out via international courier. Please note that the process will take a little longer than our usual turnaround time due to international delivery. Our charges for delivery outside the UK are £17 for Europe and £27 for anywhere outside of Europe.

19 - Why do I need to get my custom LEL noise protection product verified by an audiologist after purchase?

In-situ verification is only required if you have ordered our Player, blockerz, Solidz, Racer or Shooter plugs. This is to ensure that your products are actually providing you with the appropriate level of noise protection when used, per PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425. Please see our Hearing Protection Check PPE page for further information.

20 - How is the performance of my Player/ blockerz/ Solidz/ Racer/ Shooter plugs verified by an audiologist?

Your audiologist will either perform a hearing test with and without your products in your ears or perform a leak test with a special device attached to your products when in-situ. Both will require booking an appointment.

21 - Do I need to pay extra for in-situ verification of my product by an audiologist?

This depends on the type of in-situ verification being performed. It is likely they will charge if they have to perform a hearing test, whereas they may not if they are able to run a leak test. Please check with your audiologist at the point of booking an appointment.

22 - What happens if my products fail in-situ verification?

This is highly unlikely, but in the event that it does it is predominantly because the products are poorly fitting. In this scenario, you will require the audiologist to take new impressions of your ears, which you will then need to send back to us along with your custom products for re-manufacture. We offer a free 30 day remake service so providing you send your products back to us within this time-frame there will be no additional cost to you. Please see our Returns & Warranty page for further information.